Featured Speakers

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., award-winning environmental advocate and author, is an expert on environmental law and water system preservation, both topics of signifi cant interest to the textile industry.

Tom Chappell, founder of Tom’s of Maine, is a sustainability pioneer. Now as creator of Rambler’s Way wool apparel, he will bring his unique passion to textiles.

Kevin M. Burke is the President and CEO of the American Apparel & Footwear Association and will share his vision for the industry, with specific focus on public policy, and global trade and sourcing.

Emily Walzer, Textile Insight Managing Editor, knows the textile industry from every angle. Emily will guide the audience through a rich discussion about the role of sustainability during “The Next 20”.

Nicole Bassett, prAna’s Director of Sustainability, will share her experience with sustainability initiatives including supply chain transparency, building community and innovation.

Mark Henning, General Manager of Dow Microbial Control, and a sponsor of the London Games (the most sustainable Olympic Games in history), knows how important sustainability is to the world. He will review Dow’s commitment to the environment and the interesting ways Dow communicates their platform and programs to the market.

Elysa Hammond, Director of Environmental Stewardship at Clif Bar & Company, believes that food made right can have a positive effect on the world and the environment. Elysa will offer perspective and parallels from the food industry that will inspire the textile industry.

Amy Hall is Director of Social Consciousness for clothing brand EILEEN FISHER, where she leads the company’s commitment to human rights, environ-mental sustainability and strategic partnerships. She will share the company’s challenges in conducting “business as a movement,” where the tension between value and values comes into play every day.

Jean-Pierre Haug, The Next 20 host, General Secretary of the International OEKO-TEX® Association, believes that the textile industry is on the brink of delivering the exponential gains in product sustainability and safety that consumers are now demanding. He will discuss with his guests OEKO-TEX®’s vision for safe, clean, sustainable textile products and the role the Association’s global certifications will play in the industry’s ongoing transformation over “The Next 20” years.